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Abstract Book


Plenary Lecture

Hyo-Soo Kim

Resistin/Cap1 and PCSK9/Cap1 are the underlying mechanisms of metabolic syndrome

Kwang Kon Koh

Lipoprotein(a) and cardiovascular diseases: Past, Present, and Future

Deepak L. Bhatt

Residual Cardiovascular Risk – Now We Can REDUCE-IT!

Keynote Lecture

Arnold von Eckardstein

Search for novel HDL biomarkers

Soo Lim

Association of COVID-19 with cardiovascular and metabolic disorders

Invited Speaker

Toyoaki Murohara

Translational research: Adipose-derived regenerative cells for critical limb ischemia

Keiichi Fukuda

Development of Regenerative Therapy for Severe Heart Failure by Transplanting Human iPS Cell-derived Cardiomyocytes

Duck-chul Lee

Physical activity vs. physical fitness on cardiometabolic disease

Po-Hsun Huang

Inhibition of Trimethylamine N-oxide attenuates neointimal formation through reduction of the inflammasome in a mouse model of carotid artery ligation

Kai-Chien Yang

Targeting ER Protein TXNDC5 as a Novel Therapeutic Approach against Cardiac and Organ Fibrosis

Shin-ichiro Miura

Apolipoprotein A-I mimetics for the treatment of residual risk of cardiovascular disease

Yong Li

Diabetes and Heart Function

Neng Dai

Paradigm Shift in Anti-Diabetic Strategy: Focus on Cardiovascular Benefits

Dao-Quan Peng

New strategies to lipid modification to reduce residual ASCVD risk in 2021

Ichiro Sakuma

New PPARa agonist

Dong Hee Kim

Fatty Liver and CVD

Competition Awards

  • Best Oral Competition Award : Gold: USD 1,000 / Silver: USD 500
  • Best Poster : USD 500(Fri) / USD 500(Sat)
  • Best Mini-Oral Abstracts : USD 500
  • Young Investigator Award (under the age of forty) : USD 500
  • Late-breaking Abstract Award : Gold: USD 700 / Silver: USD 500
  • Research Grant : 6 projects (KRW 10,000,000 each)
  • Accepted foreign abstract submitter’s registration fee will be 50 USD
    (will be refunded on site).
  • Accepted domestic abstract submitter’s registration fee will be 40,000KRW
    (will be refunded on site).

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